A Deaf Ear Opens in Thomasville

Tony McCanless

The Word of God Ministry Church in Thomasville, NC is a small church, growing, but small as of this writing in June, 2011. There’s a sweet spirit there, though … and the power and anointing of God is in manifestation. Pastor Gary Blakely preaches the Word … a strong and encouraging word of faith. Those who regularly attend the services are growing in God and receiving His blessings.

A Deaf Ear Opens

Bonnie lives in nearby Trinity, NC. When she was a girl of about seven years old, an infection caused her to lose her hearing in her right ear. She was totally deaf in her right ear for over 55 years … that is until Jesus healed her during a recent Sunday night church service. Bonnie has grown in faith over the last several months listening to Pastor Gary and others. She’s faithful and rarely misses a service. Hebrews 11 says that God rewards those who diligently seek Him. In Mark 5, a woman with an issue of blood was healed and Jesus said her faith made her whole. Bonnie’s faith also has made her whole. Brother Tony McCanless was ministering that Sunday night. He taught on special anointings. He called for anyone with ear problems to come forward for prayer. Bonnie went forward and said aloud during the prayer, “I receive.” Brother Tony commanded the ear to open in Jesus’ Name. He then had her cover her left ear and whispered softly in her right ear. She heard every word. She testified later that when Brother Tony commanded the ear to open in Jesus’ Name, she heard a pop and her ear opened instantly. She began to cry … tears of joy … and then she began to praise God! She’s continuing to praise and thank God for her spectacular healing. How wonderful to hear again out of a totally deaf ear after 55 years! Jesus is wonderful!

No Cancer

Corrine had some medical tests that revealed cancer. She got the phone call with the news that she needed to be in the hospital immediately. But Corrine had been feeding on the Word and growing in the goodness and grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. She’s listened to Pastor Gary and others teach about God’s will to heal her and how to stand on the promises of God. She quoted Scripture. She asked for prayer and for Pastor Gary to agree with her. She went to the hospital and had more tests. They couldn’t find any trace of cancer. It was all gone! Jesus is wonderful!

No More Bleeding

Brother Tony had bleeding for about six months. He had been healed before of a knot that began growing at the base of his little finger. That healing was progressive, but complete, so he wasn’t alarmed that the bleeding seemed to persist. He expected healing even if over a process of time. Then one morning there was more blood than ever before. He asked his wife Susan to pray with him and agree with him. He also had the witness of the Holy Spirit to have Pastor Gary pray for him and agree with him. That Sunday morning during the service, Brother Tony whispered a prayer to God similar to, “Lord, I’m not coming for my healing. You’ve already healed me and it’s in me working now. But I’m coming to Pastor Gary for him to agree with me and to add his anointing to what is already in me and working now.” The bleeding stopped. Jesus is wonderful!

Medicine in Jesus’ Name

There are other testimonies. People who have been on medicine for years are learning that their need for medicine can diminish. The Bible teaches that all things are possible to those who believe … if God has also promised it. If healings aren’t instant, then keep God involved and take the medicine in Jesus’ Name expecting greater than natural results. Expect God to work with the medicine and expect the need for the medicine to decrease, even until you no longer need it at all. There have been testimonies of exactly that. Faith can perform as a seed sometimes and the results can be progressive. People who come to the Word of God Ministry Church are learning how to grow in faith … the faith that pleases God … and that many things can be progressive for those who are faithful and do not quit.

Salvation – The Greatest Miracle

In Jesus’ earthly ministry, He did three primary works, teaching, preaching, and healing. You can find this in Matthew 4:23. Churches today that name the Name of Jesus should also have all three of these in operation and manifestation. Jesus also said in John chapter 14, that believers would do His works … and greater works. There is no greater work than the new birth. People being saved … being born again … becoming new creatures in Christ Jesus … they receive the greatest miracle. The spiritual works are greater than the physical works, but often the physical works can be what draw men to the goodness of God. They’re both important.

What About You?

God is concerned about you and your physical body. But He’s more concerned about your spirit. Are you his child, saved by the precious blood of Christ?

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9

Or maybe you’ve been a Christian, but you’ve not been walking close to Him … out of fellowship.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

Make sure your life is right with God. He loves you! If you’re in a good church, stay there and be faithful. If you’re in the Thomasville, NC area, you’re invited to visit the Word of God Ministry Church.

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